GoldWing Yak 55 M 50cc ARF

מחיר רגיל: ₪0.00
מחיר מבצע: ₪2,980.00
משקל: 7200 גר'
אורך: 2060 מ"מ
רוחב \ מוטת כנף: 2235 מ"מ


WING SPAN:88"(2235mm)
WING AREA:1463sq in(94.4sq dm)
FLYING WEIGHT:16-17.5lbs(7200-7700g)
ENGINE:50-60cc gas

1,Latest structure
2,Super quality
3,Easy installation
4,Complete with accessories
5,Low wing loading makes it easy to fly
6,Light weight construction with high structural strength
7,Excellent aerobatics and 3D performance
8,High performance hardware includes:
        Dual fibre horns assembly included
        Adjustable pushrods for easy fine tuning     
        One piece carbon fiber landing gear
       Advanced rubber wheels
9,Two pieces removable wings and stabs 
10,Carbon fiber wing tube
11,Carbon fiber tail wheel assembly
12,Anodized aluminumLong servo arms included
13,Servo extension safety connector clips also included
14,Carbon fiber rods to make the wings light weight and strong
15,Scale canopy
16,Fixed ring inside cowling for easy build
17,Pre-hinged control surfaces ready to fly
18,Pre-mounted and plumbed gasoline tank ready to fly
19,Pre-installed servo wire tube
20,Genuine Oracover film

21,Powered by gasoline

בעיסקה עם מנוע DLE55 מחיר כולל 4000 ש"ח במזומן


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