EV-PEAK Duo Lipo Battery Balance Charger 2x

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  • IHV BATTERY SUPPORT: This high-end charger supports the new LiHV chemistry battery! Charge, discharge and storage charge your LiHV's. HIGH POWER! 2 Individual 10Amp/100Watt Charge Ports! Each port is fully independent of the other and has its own dedicated power! Using 100Watts/10Amps on a port in no way limits the other port's ability to charge to its full potential! Max the charger out by using 100Watts/10Amps on each port at the same time for a total of 200Watts!
  • AC & DC POWERED! This charger plugs directly into the wall! It also can be connected to a DC power source such as a 12V car battery or a DC Power Supply. WORLDWIDE VOLTAGE COMPATIBILITY! Select between 110V and 220V depending on your locality. The USA and Canada generally have 110V wall outlets. Other countries may use higher voltage, 220V. This charger accommodates both of them so it is compatible WORLDWIDE!
  • DIGITAL POWER MODE! Each Port can act as a power supply! Use this function to power external items such as a pit light, tire truer, motor checker, charger, or anything else that runs off of DC power. Both the Voltage and Amperage are adjustable to suit the needs of the connected device. Amperage adjustable from 0.1A-10.0A. Voltage Adjustable from 3.0V-24.0V
  • ADJUSTABLE CUTOFF VOLTAGE (TERMINAL VOLTAGE CONTROL): The voltage per cell at which the charger stops charging the battery can be adjusted for fine user precision. Adjustments available for LiPo, LiIo, LiFe, Pb batteries. (Adjustment values listed below) VOLT METER MODE: Check the voltage of a Lithium battery's cells when plugged into the balance port. Simply hold the INC button when in a Lithium menu. The screen will provide a readout of each cell's voltage.
  • EXTRA FEATURES: Battery Memory Profiles, Balance Charge mode balances the cells in your Lithium packs for optimum performance and safety. Storage mode brings your lithium batteries to half charge for extended storage times. Discharge mode for all battery types have adjustable end voltage. Great safety features such as mAh cutoff, safety timer, low DC input voltage cutoff, Temperature cutoff (requires optional temp probe). NiMH & NiCD Auto charge, Cycle, Rest time, Peak Sensitivity.
  • EV-PEAK CD1-XR 100Wx2 10Ax2 Dual RC Lipo Battery Charger for LiPo LiHv Lilon LiFe NiCd NiMH Pb Battery with 250 Power supply

    AC Input:110V or 220V
    DC Input: 11-18.0V
    Charge power: 100Wx2
    Charge current: 0.1~10.0A
    Balance Current:400mA/cell
    LiPo LiHv Lilon LiFe battery: 1-6 series
    NiCd NiMH battery: 1-15 cells
    Pb battery : 2-24V
    Digital power: 3-24V

    Package List: 
    1X US AC power cord 
    1X DC input cable 
    2X Charging cable 
    2X Balancing adapter board XH

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