RadioLink T8FB 8ch

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Great value 2.4Ghz 8-Channel radio system w/ S.Bus - it works with various of RC model
The T8FB is an excellent radio controller for beginners, although it has a simple and clean appearance, doesn't mean it has simple function. You can connect the T8FB controller to a computer thru USB cable and access the powerful radio menu just like other high price radio set, you get to adjust the channel reverse, dual rate, travel range, mixing, switch input / output, etc.. The receiver runs on PPM or S.BUS, that means it's perfect for racing drones or any DIY drones with the flight controller now-a-days

RadioLink T8FB V2 Transmitter Spec and Features:
Dimension : 175mm x 170mm x 100mm
Weight : 460g
Frequency : 2.4Ghz
Operating voltage : 4.8V ~ 18V
Control range : 0.5km ~ 1km depends on environment
Channels: 8 Ch is customizable
RadioLink R8FM Receiver Spec and Features
: S.BUS / PPM compatible
Input voltage: 5V
Size : 24 x 18 x 4mm
Weight : 2.2g
How to bind?
1. Please turn on your transmitter
2. Power on the receiver, then Press and Hold the very small black button on the side of the receiver, until the LED goes flashing then release the button.
3. After a few seconds it will automatically bind with the transmitter, it's that simple.

How to swap between S.BUS and PPM
1. Make sure the receiver already bound to transmitter.
2. Double tap the very small black button on the side of the receiver (within 1 sec.), then the LED light will change color, Red is PPM mode, Purple is S.BUS.

Package Comes with :
1 x RadioLink T8FB V2 8ch 2.4GHz Transmitter 
1 x RadioLink R8FM 8ch 2.4GHz S.BUS / PPM Receiver
1 x English Manual in CD-ROM

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