DLE 55cc Gas Engine


כולל משתיק ,מנוע אמין מחברת DLE ,המתמחה במנועי בנזין , שעובדים ללא הפסקה.

תנאי תשלום: עד 6 תשלומים ללא עמלה, ניתן לשלם עד 12 תשלומים בתוספת עמלה.
זמן אספקה: עד 14 ימי עסקים
עלות משלוח: שליח עד לבית - 55 שח
בקניית כמה מוצרים, יחויב המשלוח הגבוה מבין כולם


DLE-55 Spec.
CDI Electronic Ignition.
Walbro Carburettor
Performance: 5.5hp @ 7500rpm
Idle: 1350rpm
Thrust: 14.2kg @ 100mtr / 12.5kg @ 1800mtr (Above sea level)
Suggested prop: 22×8, 22×10, 23×8, 23×10
Spark Plug: NGK CM6
Bore/Stroke: 45 x 35mm
Compression: 7.6:1
Weight: 1350g
Fuel: 2C Regular Gas mixed 30:1 – 45:1

This engine is not a toy , before staring the engine ,read the operators manual carefully ,if failure to do so may result in personal injuries , DLE refuses any liability;Before each operation, check the engine mount ,propeller and airframe carefully  to ensure all engine screws and nuts is tight . Loctite(242,243) is strongly recommended during the installation.

■CAUTION : During the break-in period, it is recommended that the engine be installed on the aircraft or a test stand with an appropriate shock absorber. Otherwise it is probable that vibration could rebound back to the engine and serious damages may occur during the break-in period. For your safety and the safety of others, please do not stand in front or in line with the propeller when the engine is running.