,LiFe/NiMH/NiCD LiPo Battery Balance Charger,,כולל מזוודת אלומיניום, מטעין 4 סוללות בו זמנית

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4 independent charging ports.
High Power and high performance circuit.
Individual voltage balancer for Lithium battery inside.
Balance individual cells on discharging.
Adaptable for various types of Lithium battery.
Fast and storage mode of Lithium battery.
Maximum safety: delta-peak sensitivity, auto-charge current limit, capacity limit, processing time limit, temperature limit, input power monitor, automatic cooling fan.
Can store 5 data of different batteries.
Perform 1 to 5 cycles of charge>discharge or discharge>charge continually for battery refreshing and balancing.
For technical expert, it offers PC based program can analysis the characteristic of the battery by USB port.

Item brand: G.T.POWER
Item num: X-DRIVE 607
Input voltage: DC 11.0-18.0V Note: the adapter is not included.
Charging power: Max.320 Watt (4*80W)
Discharge power: Max.20 Watt (4*5W)
Charging current: 0.1-7.0A
Discharge current: 0.1-1.0A
LiIo/LiPo/LiFe: 1-6 series
NiCd/NiMH: 1-15 cells
Pb Battery: 1-10 Lead-Acid cells (2V-20V)
Current drain for balancing lithium: 300mA
Weight: 1032g / 2.3 lb
Size: 217 * 150 * 55mm / 8.5 * 5.9 * 2.2in