OS GF40 4-Stroke Gas Engine


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4-stroke power with gasoline economy.

  • Offers traditional 4-stroke benefits with the ease and economy of a gasoline engine.
  • Quick, powerful response makes it an ideal choice for aerobatic as well as scale models.
  • Perfect for scale aircraft, with a deeper exhaust note that mimics the sound of full-size aircraft.
  • Features the GT33’s mounting bolt pattern and mount-to-drive hub distance.
  • Outstanding fuel economy — runs on a mix of engine oil and standard gasoline.
  • Rear-mounted carb designed by O.S. & Walbro®.
  • Lightweight ignition module accepts NiCd, NiMH, LiPo or LiFe battery power.
  • Muffler and integral backplate mount included.
  • Backplate features an integral choke rod guide.
  • PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) system recirculates blow-by gas and oil waste for a cleaner engine and environment.

Displacement: 2.438 cu in (39.96 cc)
Bore: 1.574 in (40 mm)
Stroke: 1.251 in (31.8 mm)
RPM Range: 1800-9000
Output: 3.75 hp @ 8600 rpm
Engine: 41.3 oz (1170 g)
Muffler: 4.0 oz (113 g)
Ignition Module: 3.4 oz (95 g)
Includes: F-6040 muffler assembly, ignition module & CM-6 spark plug
Requires: 2-cycle oil, unleaded gasoline, ignition battery & standoffs
Suggested Props: 18×8-12, 19×8-10 & 20×8-10
Suggested Break-In Prop: 18×8
Ignition Battery: 4-7 NiCd or NiMH; 2S LiPo or LiFe. Min. capacity: 1000mAh

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