Traxxas 6511


Traxxas Link Module

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תנאי תשלום: עד 6 תשלומים ללא עמלה, ניתן לשלם עד 12 תשלומים בתוספת עמלה.
זמן אספקה: עד 14 ימי עסקים
עלות משלוח: משלוח לנקודת חלוקה - 35 שח
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באיסוף עצמי נודיע לכם שהחלק נמצא במלאי וממתין לאיסוף.
ישנה אפשרות להביא את המכונית כדי שאנו נבצע את החלפת החלקים (כרוך בתשלום).

Traxxas Link Wireless Module

What’s needed to get Real-Time Data on my model?

Cool Things You Can Do
With a Traxxas Link Wireless Module

Real-Time Telemetry

1. View real-time telemetry with beautiful high-definition graphics by installing optional telemetry sensors. See the temperature of your motor or speed control, battery voltage, or how fast you’re really going.

Traxxas Link App (demo screens)
Training Mode

2. If you're handing your transmitter off to someone who hasn't driven before, select Training Mode in the Traxxas Link app to cut the power and speed in half until the new driver is familiar with the control. Only Traxxas has it!


3. Fine-tune your model with an Android or Apple device. The Traxxas Link app provides an intuitive user interface to make and save your custom settings in just seconds. Reverse a servo direction, set servo end points, or fine tune the steering rate or braking percentage with just a few taps of the screen.

Traxxas Link App - Drive Profiles & Intuitive Interface

Quick Features – Traxxas Link Module

TQi Traxxas Link Wireless Module (#6511)
  • Download the free Traxxas Link app, by visiting Google Play or the App Store
  • View real-time telemetry with optional sensors
  • Bluetooth low energy
  • Easy and simple device pairing
  • Powered by TQi transmitter
  • Integrated into transmitter body
  • Quick and easy installation, installs in minutes
  • Traxxas Link Wireless Module included with select Traxxas vehicles


Blutooth Connection Demo Screens - Traxxas Link App

Device Requirements
The Traxxas Link App is designed for use with Android and iOS devices. For device compatibility and to download the free app, please visit Google Play or the App Store. For full functionality, Traxxas Link requires a Traxxas TQi transmitter with Traxxas Link Wireless Module and a TQi receiver installed in the model. Telemetry functions may require Traxxas telemetry sensors to be installed on your model or a telemetry-equipped ESC.

Add the optional Transmitter Phone Mount - Get it Here!